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For businesses that feel they may be falling short in the gender-diversity stakes — help is at hand!

Why is Project Planning Vital for Successful Outcomes?

UK organisation, Women in Packaging UK, was set up in to support female employees of the print and packaging industries. It promotes opportunities for the employees in the industry by providing education, development and networking opportunities.

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For more information on Women in Packaging click here. The packaging industry is changing. It is increasingly subject to the demands of the fashion, technology and science sectors and the trend for environmentally friendly practices. Gender equality vital for success in packaging industry. Posted in Blog. They multitask, as if they were a computer, intentionally avoiding focusing on any one thing more than a second or two. If that becomes habitual, we have someone unable to focus.

In the past few years, we have created a lifestyle of being stressed and distracted rather than relaxed and focused. With this, we never experience that altered state of consciousness I was describing, or the accompanying phenomena that had been a regular part of life prior to being stressed and scattered.

Hans Selye is the doctor who was the first to demonstrate biological stress.

  • ISIS Papyrus - Whitepaper - Knowledge Worker Empowerment Is Vital To Success;
  • Whitepaper: Knowledge Worker Empowerment Is Vital To Success.
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He taught the world what it did to us physiologically. When you have to be ready to respond to a demand, you experience a state of tension, of physiological and psychological stress, a readiness to respond. Unrelieved, it can cause all sorts of problems. I discovered this in when I was one of the few people to walk around with a cell phone attached at the hip as an on-call crisis intervention counselor.

Why listening to your customers is vital to success this Christmas

Even when nothing was going on, if I was on-call, I knew the cell phone might sound and demand my attention at any moment. I was not relaxed for the entire time I made myself available to respond, even when I slept.

Networking is Vital to Success

When my shift was over and I was without the cell phone, only then could I relax. When I was at the beach where no one could interrupt me, I was able to experience an even greater relaxation, unavailable to all demands. If you live a life with a device that calls your attention all the time, your body responds with every chirp or bing, and you live in a constant state of stress and distraction. If you are scrolling through newsfeeds and multitasking through your day, you never focus on anything for more than a few seconds. Not even for a second. Getting relaxed and focused everyday, for as long as possible, can produce miracles.

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  4. Being stressed and scattered can make you sick. And people today are losing their ability to achieve it, living the way we do, always attentive to our devices, always multitasking, always distracted. Get relaxed and focused every day, away from the world and its noise for a while.

    3 Traits Vital to Success

    Make a habit of it. It could generate your miracles.

    He was obese until his early thirties when he found the solution. He lost pounds, has kept it off for 35 years, and has taught thousands to successfully manage their weight. Skip to content.

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