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I knew how much money we had, so I came to Brian and Pete with the effects budget.

To their credit, we sat there and figured out every single effect and how to shoot it. I had pre-planned a lot of it with whip pans, trick editing, and sound effects, and they were very gracious. That pre-planning allowed them to build the effects exactly as I needed them.

But it worked in my favor here because Brian and Pete were able to grasp onto my basic ideas and bounce things off one another.

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They knocked it out of the park. On my next movie, I want to write the effects to be ten times more complicated and ridiculous because I want to challenge them. Those guys rule, and I want to use them forever. Whatever you want to shoot, do it as soon as possible. But now, with so much technology available, it was possible. Not just for me, but for theoretically anyone. So Almost Human needed to stick out more. I made 20 shorts before I made my first feature.

Shoot and shoot and shoot.

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Writing is free. Write and write and write. Sign In Don't have an account? Sign In Register. Back Explore Wikis Community Central. Travis Newton Jul 30, Low budget horror flicks like Lights Out are doing well.

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What are your thoughts on the current state of horror? All the strong reds, blues, and magentas reminded me a lot of Creepshow. What are some other visual touchstones for the film?

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I loved that! Oddly enough, it really helped set the tone. How did you two get together? Who did the effects, and did you give any thought to how they would accomplish them when you wrote the script? He suggests that to complete these tasks I am piggybacking on neurons involved in controlling physical movements rather than using the visual brain circuitry. Kosslyn once had a patient who had a stroke that damaged the visual areas of her brain and left her blind.

She too could still complete what might be considered visual tasks. When Kosslyn asked her to imagine the letters of the alphabet one at a time and tell him whether they had any curved lines, she could do it perfectly. Zeman agrees this might be how some aphantasics do it. Zeman has evidence that points to this. Then there is Venter, who sees a connection between his aphantasia and his scientific achievements.

When the Mind’s Eye Is Blind

MX provided more concrete evidence of the unique skills of people who have aphantasia. When Zeman first tested him, he gave him a classic test of proficiency with mental pictures. The challenge was to work out which images are the same as a guide image, only rotated, and which are not see diagram.

The greater the rotation , the longer it takes most people to perform the mental gymnastics and work out if there is a match. The theory goes that people rotate a mental image in their heads, and the more they have to manipulate it, the longer it takes to solve the task.

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  • Zeman reckons we all use different circuits to some extent. But could some of us be better than others at using non-visual circuits to process visual information? And would this give people an edge at certain tasks and jobs? But Zeman has been running a large experiment probing these areas and results are expected next month. But for some, the condition is distressing. Happily, there are reasons to think such an awakening is possible.

    For one thing, many aphantasics dream in pictures and some see flashes of imagery under certain circumstances, such as just before they drift off to sleep. There are parallels with blindsight, says Zeman. People with this condition have no conscious awareness of being able to see, yet can navigate a cluttered room without problems.

    For people with no experience of aphantasia, this probably sounds bizarre. But it does raise a tantalising question for people like me: is aphantasia sometimes reversible?

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