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For the third year in a row, Colombia led the world in bird species on Global Big Day. The unbelievable efforts of the Colombian birding community found an unfathomable 1, species in one country in one day. Absolutely spectacular work—congratulations.

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A million thanks and congratulations to the partners behind eBird Colombia and Global Big Day Colombia for their massive success again this year. In each state the team chose a single county to cover on 4 May: limiting to one county to minimize the environmental impact of the big day, and also highlighting how learning a local area very well can result in lots of birds. The combined team total was species.


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There are so many other exciting stories and results from around the world. Thank you for being a part of Global Big Day. Dickcissel was reported times on Global Big Day, with this one photographed in Texas. For much of the continental United States, Global Big Day was one of the first days where migrant birds had returned—good timing! A weather system moving through the southeastern US also brought migrant birds to many regions.

The final US tally was , with the top species totals coming from Texas , California , and Arizona US eBirders also documented species with photographs in their eBird checklists, and with audio—quite impressive! Canadian birding teams found species , with Ontario and British Colombia neck-and-neck for species, with in BC and for Ontario. Edged out slightly by species again, Ontario eBirders more than made up for the difference with an incredible total of 3, checklists on the day!

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Quebec beat out BC for the 2 spot for checklists, with 1, Latin America takes Global Big Day to a level unlike anywhere else. In Central America, over 1, species were reported, including over species from Guatemala , Costa Rica and Panama This year Mexico topped the species tally for this section, with species reported on an excellent 1, checklists.

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  7. Teams made up of young birders, community monitors, birding guides, lodge and park staff, and so much more. It is magical to watch and hear the excitement of people making their birds count. Although you may not think of shorebirds when you think of South America, Tawny-throated Dotterel are here to change that. It is truly the Bird Continent. Two countries had more than 1, species. Four over 1, Seven out of the top 10 in the world. Argentina was 4th in the world for checklist contributions, behind only the US, Canada, and Colombia.

    Bolivia added more than species to their previous best year, and are knocking on the door of 1, with their total of There is always so much to talk about in South America that it is impossible to do it justice. There are innumerable exciting local stories of triumph and discovery, and we thank all of you for sharing them with us. White-browed Coucal was one of species reported from Kenya—the top species total for a country in Africa on Global Big Day Senegal had species, up from 0 last year.