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July, 10 [28]. February — May [29]. Alternate reality game. Notes: Six cryptic emails supposedly sent by Cortana , although they are not canon [30]. Mid [31]. Notes: Players were linked to a beekeeping website that appears to have been taken over by an artificial intelligence.

June 11, — August 17, [33]. Notes: Five web servers containing various media files related to the Halo universe. Halo ActionClix. September 18, [34]. Collectible miniatures game. Notes: A table-top miniatures game featuring figures and vehicles for the video games. Late [35] [36]. Notes: Table-top strategy board game based on the gameplay of the Halo games. October 17, [37]. Notes: Introduction to the world of Halo and some of its most iconic characters and weapons. Players assume the role of an unnamed United Nations Space Command recruit, who is put through a virtual reality shooting simulation against Covenant remnant targets.

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Halo Original Soundtrack. June 11, [38]. Sumthing Else Music Works.

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Halo 2 Original Soundtrack: Volume One. November 9, [40]. Notes: Includes tracks from various artists including Incubus and Breaking Benjamin [40]. Halo 2 Original Soundtrack: Volume Two. April 25, [41]. Notes: Suite structure to reflect different levels of the game.

Book 2: The Outcast Series

Halo 3 Original Soundtrack. November 20, [43]. Notes: Tracks are arranged by time of appearance in the game.

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December 2, [44]. February 17, [45]. September 22, [47]. February 9, [49].

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Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack. September 28, [50]. November 15, [51]. Halo 4 Original Soundtrack. October 19, [52]. Notes: Music composed by Neil Davidge.

Download PDF Grace Series Book 3 Black Halo

July 10, [53]. Notes: Music composed by Nathan Lanier. July 18, [54]. Notes: Music composed by Tom Salta. January 1, [55]. November 10, [56]. April 16, [57]. November 13, [58]. Notes: Music composed by Kazuma Jinnouchi. December 4, [59]. Halo: The Fall of Reach. October 30, [60]. April 1, [63].

December 2, [66].

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The New York Times bestseller. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx. October 31, [68].

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Halo: Contact Harvest. October 30, [71]. Notes: Story set around the first encounter between the Humans and the Covenant told from both sides' points-of-view. November 25, [75]. November 24, [80]. Buckell , Karen Traviss and contributions from Industries. Halo: Cryptum. Notes: Authored by science fiction author Greg Bear. Notes: The first Karen Traviss Halo novel. Halo: Primordium. October 2, [83]. Halo: Silentium. January 21, [84]. By John Shirley. Notes: Digital-first short novel. By Matt Forbeck. June 16, [85].

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  • Notes: Set in , more than two years after the Master Chief went missing-in-action. Humans and Elites must attempt to overcome their differences as they embark on a covert mission back to the Ark. By Peter David. July 27, [86]. Notes: A digital single A military-grade artificial intelligence successfully launches an unprecedented legal appeal against her own death sentence By Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director for the Halo franchise at Industries [86]. September 15, [87]. Notes: It is , and the three-decade-long Covenant War that defined a generation has suddenly drawn to a close. Yet, in the remotest parts of human space, tensions remain that threaten to overflow into another full-scale conflict.


    Beneath the surface of the planet Gao lies a vast cavern system renowned for its therapeutic effects and rumored miraculous cures. But now Gao natives are turning up brutally murdered down there—violent acts that happen to coincide with the recent arrival of a UNSC research battalion protected by Spartan Blue Team, led by the renowned Spartan-II Fred December 7, [89]. Notes: A digital-first e-novella. September 20, [90]. Notes: A collection of short stories from the following authors: Tobias S. November 28, [91]. And with a fast ship and a lust for adventure, Rion Forge [daughter of Sergeant Forge from Halo Wars ] has certainly made her mark on the trade.