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Her first mistake had been getting involved with rebellious Brandon, the second becoming pregnant, the third losing contact with her son. No Brandon was back, and Bent on destroying her powerful family, someone had abducted pampered Casey McKee and stashed her deep in the snowy Oregon wilds.

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Only one man could possibly save her: ruthless tracker Sloan Redhawk. The brooding cowboy swiftly hunted Casey down-a Now, with a chip on his shoulder as daunting as the mighty McKee fortune, Jenner could rob Beth of something even more precious-the son he'd unwittingly fath But shameful family secrets -- and dark deception -- had wrenched them apart, abruptly shattering their precious dream of forever. Now, acros Adria Nash has come to Oregon to reclaim her life -- and prove that she is really London Danvers, the child kidnapped twenty years before from the wealthiest hotel dynasty in the Pacific Northwest.

But the powerful Danvers Dark, sexy and dangerous, young Ben Powell had stolen kisses as deep and stormy as Whitefire Lake. But then he'd cruelly accused Carlie Surrett of unthinkable sins - and left her in the dust of her shattered dreams. Now, steelier than ever after Brett Matson thought he'd gotten over Libby Bevans -- until the wintry evening when he rescued his former fiancee from an icy river.

An Imported Wife (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern): First edition – Mills & Boon UK

With Libby in his arms, the mountain man soon discovered that the sweetest gifts weren't always wrapped in ribbons Who was this handsome, compelling stranger standing by her hospital bed? Nikki Carrothers was sure she could never have forgotten the man's touch. Was Trent McKenzie friend or foe?

Hardworking single mother Nadine Warne understood love and loss--she'd lost everything that youthful summer she invested her heart in a rich boy's dream. Some men you never forget. Rodeo rider Turner Brooks was such a man--all rawhide and recklessness no woman could tame For six agonizing years, Heather Tremont Leonetti had tried to make a lie of the breathless summer when Turner had broken he Jackson Moore -- sinner or saint?

One harrowing night a decade ago, the notorious biker rode to Rochelle Tremont's rescue, and the grateful schoolgirl tasted paradise in the hellion's arms. But amid murderous scandal, Jackson thumbed out of town, lea After a dozen years working in the emergency room, Dr. Dallas O'Rourke thought he'd seen it all, thought he'd hardened his heart. Then one night Chandra Hill entered on the heels of paramedics rushing an abandoned newborn to the hospital.

Her eyes f Marnie Montgomery was taking charge of her destiny.

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Pampered daughter of a successful hotelier, she'd had everything she ever wanted--except independence. Now that was going to change. No man would ever again tell her what to do--not her beloved fath In the aftermath of an averted tragedy, Zane Flannery's protective instinct had proven too potent for his young wife.

Marital paradise had been transformed into a well-intentioned prison.

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Kaylie Melville Flannery had to break free. Her brawny husband Chelsea Reed needed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so for thirteen months she'd been desperately seeking the elusive Devlin McVey. Finally her search led her to a lush Caribbean island--and a brusque, bearded stranger. Gavin had loved Melanie-along time ago. Now, returning to Taylor's Crossing, he wanted only to forget her and the promises they'd forged in the heat of passion.

Promises she'd inexplicably broken the moment he'd left to secure their future. To Mel As far as cynical attorney Jack McGowan was concerned, he couldn't have much sympathy for a woman who'd chosen to marry his filthy-rich sworn enemy. He would represent Kimberly Bennett in her desperate child-custody battle-and he would taste sweet re Once his takeover deal was completed, he planned to go ashore and resume his normal life.

The deal he had struck with Valerie Pryce With his itch to travel spurring him on, young Colton McLean had vowed to wear blinders against sweetly tempting Cassie Aldridge. But one moonlit Montana night, passion had galloped out of control--and she'd tried to rope him into marriage. But that was only moments before flames had ripped through the McLean ranch, casting deadly suspicion on Tessa's ardor and leaving her Long ago, a young Brenna Douglass had declared her undying love to her sister's boyfriend, Warren Stone.

The result was a passionate kiss, followed by a panicked rejection that devastated Brenna. Ten years later, after her sister Honor's death, Br Everyone knew Cord Donahue had embezzled the family fortune and fled, only to drown in the icy waters of Puget Sound. Numb with grief at Cord's betrayal, Alison Banning had wed his brother and borne a child. But three years later Alison was a widow Eleven years ago, on a dusty Wyoming creek bank, Trent McCullough's lips claimed hers for one glorious, mind-spinning moment.

But Ainsley Hughes was promised to another man and determined to leave the hard country life behind. Now a widow, Ainsley Teacher Bethany Mills was certain the past was buried - until ruthless Brett Hanson dug it up again. The private investigator had tracked Bethany to Oregon and was hell-bent on recovering the fortune her ex-husband had embezzled in Boise.

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Though Bret With unscrupulous enemies, a rebellious child, and a farm that was being slowly sabotaged, Dani had to shore up her defenses. But sexy, rugged Chase McEnroe was invading more than just her property; he was trespassing on her heart. Chase needed fu Stacey Monroe made it a rule not to get personally involved with any of her patients--and certainly not with their fathers! But when Nathan Sloan brought his daughter in to see her, Stacey fell in love with both of them almost immediately.

Her hard a Then, when she as seventeen, in the middle of a hot summer night, their friendship became a passion they could no longer hide. She felt like a fool, because the next morning he was gone. Nine years l The last person in the world Tory wanted to see again was Trask McFadden.

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Five years ago he'd wooed her heart, and then used the things she'd told him to put her father behind bars. Now he was back at the Lazy W ranch, and Tory was boiling with anger Unconventional described Zachary Winters to a T.


Lauren Regis found it difficult to imagine this rugged man doing anything as confining as studying law journals, pacing in front of a jury, or straightening an imported silk tie. But if Zachary Winters Tiffany Rhodes's problems with her breeding farm started long before she met Zane Sheridan, a horse breeder with a reputation for shady dealings.

Yet she couldn't help feeling relieved when Zane offered to buy her out. Though Tiffany didn't trust It might have been nearly four hundred years since the Montagues and Capulets wove their deathly web, but Shakespeare knew that the sins of the parents are recreated generation after generation. And so it was with the Stephens and the Daniels, the Megan McKearn could make heads turn with just the flash of her smile.

But acting as president of her father's brokerage firm left her with little time for men--and that included the handsome, assured stockholder Garrett Reaves. Garrett wanted to reki Now she would have to deal with his son, Brig, who would want her to honor his father's loan.

Six years before, Becca had loved Brig, but he had accused her of drugging a They were business associates, executives in the cutthroat, fast-track industry of rock music and video, both burdened with the mistakes of past relationships. Sheila Lindstrom's grief 'over her father's death was still fresh when he was told that the winery that was her Rage would soon fall prey to a large corporation. Sheila braced herself for an unpleasant confrontatio Shane Kennedy had lost his life in Northern Ireland, or at least that's what his father told Mara.

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Four years later, Mara had finally come to grips with the fact that Shane was gone from her life. Then suddenly, inexplicably, he reappeared--as handso Time had brought Jefferson renown and Andrea a career as a te When Kane Webster bought the Seattle bank he bought trouble. One embezzler had already been uncovered and there was certain to be an accomplice.

The evidence seemed to point to Erin O'Toole, but evidence is sometimes circumstantial. Kane listened We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles.

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