Agrò e la scomparsa di Omber (I delitti di Agrò) (Italian Edition)

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Respond to the authenticity of information Motive behind this article is immaterial Find out if the contents are verifiable facts You will be shocked that they are. Satish — U r the dirty minded guy. Now Congress will be wiped out forever. I knew abt this lady long back from my father.

Why cant you just reveal this blog in each n every constituency so that people will know abt it. I dont understand when we have so many evidences why our law does not punish her and kick her ass out of our country.

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Game is set in the near future in which old rivals, Russia and US are fighting to get most ownership of the fast depleting energy resources. Terrorism has taken the lives of more than innocent men, women and children; the terrorists have indulged wantonly in abduction, rape, murder, arson, extortion and looting. At least some of these acquisitions can be revealed and expose these people in front of the public.

If you are not doing this. I have doubt on the reliability of these information. Her educational qualifications need not be proved by public, but she herself need to provide authentic, and un-cooked up proof that she has any higher qualifications at all. What is more surprising is how people toed her line!!! In addition to the victims, are being targeted acquaintances, relatives, making them possibly colluding de facto, in some cases, perhaps using evolutions of the effect described by Allan Frey, in order to intimidate and plagiarize.

Reminder not to ignore the methods and what they can do today to some criminal groups and organized stalkers.

La vita agra

The new Victims must not fall into despair because they do not understand what happens when criminal groups use these methods and tools nothing paranormal, is to prevent the injury from the foregoing exchange for other illnesses due. You have to think of the women at the Juvenile and the risks posed by the exploiters who have such systems and favors from some diverted in the state. The annihilation determined by Stalking, reducing the possibility for victims to exercise their rights, including the right to work impossibilitandolo, bugging, removing it , they can also be designed for induction into slavery and prostitution.

Organized Stalking and the gangs are, for the victims, the same thing, in fact the former is more annihilating, more destructive, from the first you can protect with greater difficulty, since the groups are precisely Stalker New mafias. Rather than seriously check, Police in accordance with medical staff leave exasperate Victims who have already made reports and then put to silence the victims themselves by preventing the formalization of the complaints, discrediting requiring Sanitary Treatments, passing them to crazy again, without having made any occurs even formal so as to keep silent and allow the continuing trials and illegal activities.

Among the criminals collude organization mafia — paramilitar local the mold described above, also Performer of fire and theft of vehicles comprising different groups Stalker associated, in addition to the employees of ASL 1 of Milan, UO Legnano, agents and former Carabinieri in the area and ex-military, there are individuals domiciled or entrants friendships, given the obvious absence of complaints, the silence, the excessive bravado and quiet in committing crimes in Civic Way Amateur Sciesa 29 according to the mailboxes riente Mr.

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  8. Pinciroli, Balzan G. Crestani L. Obviously, few among the many collude, then they will try to take the most ill-gotten gains to the Victims unless it is a group that works extensively in the Province and out, along with other criminal groups. More involved are Dr.

    Gatti, Dott. There are of movement-like activities, each time by the same telecommunications treat certain information either via SMS, telephone, data networks. There are criminal associations, including the local organization, using the same methods that push the Victims in such a manner as to make them leave in a hurry properties, including those linked to productive activities in addition to housing and land, forcing them to sell at lower prices to gain of collusion will buy at a cost lower than what they would have to support, taking into account the costs to be incurred to obtain the favors of criminal associations.

    I remember that in Parabiago was arrested Marshal Cat for violence and abuse of women. As usual popped up tests, complaints and accusations last, before the others knew nothing, or put some in silence, something in itself, however, insufficient. Among the crimes involved in the local ex-servicemen are also young.

    Perhaps there are blackmail between military and ex-military, among blackmailing powers and people with something on his conscience, to reciprocate favors or extortion, as determined by previous affairs, as well as a real experimentation and illegal of course, that is not limited in Busto Garolfo on Civil.

    Sonia has looted india mercilessly. After recovery she should be hanged or atleast life impresnment till death. This is the fakest information i have seen thill now.. This was written by Mr. Subramanian swamy with all the proof and records. First read through that. He is known to the closest politician to nehru gandhi family.

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    It is simple that Samir Bose has no understanding of the Indian democracy or the way government has been run in this country by congress all these years or he does not want to acknowledge the reality and very biased. The brutality of the police, the way Police exercises their authority prove the legacy given by British rule. All key positions, all powerful positions are appointed by the government. The government takes utmost care in deciding that the officer appointed faithfully discharges the orders written and unwritten given by the govt.

    If not, he or she cant remain there. Separation of powers in India is only at talking level. No judge will dare find Sonia guilty and sentence her to jail. He or She would not want to put his or her life and their family members lives in danger. Even in fights with neighbor people fight till the end or ready to kill each other. Now, Sonia is a not a buddhist monk to keep quiet if you drag her to court and send her to Jail.

    If Swamy has dragged her to court, he has some guts to do it. Larry thinks this is the fakest information.

    Read Strapazzami: Volume 1 PDF - MarshalHartley

    Did Sonia give you a bottle of rum to become her supporter? Mr larry did sonia tell you to come and type this msg or are you a russian intellengce to type this. How can Sonia claim her diploma without ever studying in cambridge? The person who wrote this article is a sectarian and tries to divide and misled people using fake peace of imagination. Dont be a ostrish. No doubt, Sonia could have kept a respectful distance from indian politics.

    the national bio and agro defense facility issues for congress Manual

    If the the information contained in the article is backed by evidence, why is no legal recourse is taken. Subramaniam is always after this family. Subramaniam put some more efforts and bring some facts in front of people about them…. Mr subramanyam swami report of Italian dynasty to loot iIndia in a sofisticated manner seems to be true. Antonio moina will soon be assasinated along Priyanka gandhi n rahul at last and if modi is in conclusion to lose in elections he will bring emergency under president Advani n military rule be established till all Nehru favoured people are killed as traitor..

    TATAs took years to become billionaire, Ambanis took 50 years after utilizing all its resources , where as Robert Vadra took less than 10 years to become fastest multi billionaire. Whynot in India, we are afraid of what? Unless we clean our country of these criminal elements, our country will not prosper.

    Its really disgusting that a foreigner is controlling a democratic and secular country. Never vote for congress.

    God bless they are out of power in centre. I read all the lines very carefully. But, astonished, why such type of words used which are not at all true. Sonia Gandhi is a very gentle lady. I respect her in every sense. We all respect her from our heart. God bless her.

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    7. All women deserve respect as per Indian Culture. Lies, lies and lies. This cannot be shared on Facebook because of their rules. Obviously Facebook, Twitter and others are the Catholic tools of aggression against the Indians. I feel that is one of the so much vital info for me. And i am satisfied reading your article.